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About Me

Hello and a very warm welcome. My name is Helen and my heart is overflowing as I write this bio and introduce myself.  I look so forward to walking this journey along side you as we delve into some of my main passions and loves in this life relating to WellBE-ing and Self Care. Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness, as well as Energy healing and Life Coaching modalities, which I have dedicated the past number of years training and up skilling in so that I can be in a position to lead and support others. These, which I call the fundamentals; have carried and supported me through the many ebbs and flows of my, and my clients life thus far. These modalities in which I hand on heart believe, will also assist and play a key role in your personal journey and path. A path to feeling empowered, grounded and where transformation awaits. 

I am truly honoured and humbled to take you on this self mastery journey where you will be going deep within and exploring all that is Healing, Flowing and Breathing. A library of resources, tools, recordings and live gathering circles which have all been inspired by my teachings and studies within these modalities. Having the opportunity to tune in live online to practice with me, or to watch on record our weekly yoga class and guided meditation practice . A variety of flows and practices suitable for all levels. Group distance Reiki Energy and Sound bath healings monthly as well as tools and techniques to support you. All to be enjoyed here as a member of Heal, Flow and Breathe with Helen. A place to retreat to, just for you and your needs.

Even more importantly; a beautiful, safe and sacred online community of like minded individuals to come together in our private space, where we can support, share and learn from each other. Online, but with an energy of connection that we so often lack in today's society.

Sending so much love and gratitude. For now...let's take this first step together on your journey.

Why Join Me...

Having dedicated my personal development the past 5 years to my true purpose and passions, I have undertaken the role of both student and teacher within Yoga,  Meditation and Reiki as well as Life coaching. I am incredibly honoured as both a student and a teacher to continue to evolve and to share these divine offerings with you. My purpose and hearts desire is a simple but a necessary one; to serve others in a way that is for their greater and higher good. To serve and to support in an authentic, honest and restorative nature, and where I can bring positive transformational change through my interpretation of healing, flowing and breathing. Using a collaboration of these truly beautiful gifts, tools and techniques which have greatly impacted and lead me and many others on our path to self healing and wellbeing.

A Big Thank you..

To you all for taking the first step onto this path. Yes, you will indeed practice yoga, you will be guided in meditation and you will be invited to dip in and out of our community platform as and when needed, in order to collect from these offerings, whatever tools are being craved. You will however experience so much more. An invitation to gather; coming as a collective where you can simply receive in our monthly live and recorded circles. Within these flows, guided meditations, energetic and sound healings, receiving an opportunity to go within. Laying out the welcome mat for anything that needs to come to the surface so that you can lovingly accept these and release. The duality of letting go.... yet coming back to who you really are. Simply surrendering and embracing what is innately yours. Healing, flowing and breathing. 

Helen xx


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